Grit and Grind in Oakland

The Grizzlies ended their four game trip of California Wednesday night in Oakland.  The Grizzlies were coming off of a big win in L.A. against the Clips.  The Grizzlies looked like a team ending a long road trip in the first quarter.  The Grizzlies picked up their energy at the end of the second quarter, and played well for the rest of the game.  This was a typical Grizzlies “grit and grind” game.  The Grizzlies played great defense, and only had seven turnovers.  The Warriors suffered their first loss at the Oracle Arena, and were held to eighty-one points in overtime.  The Grizzlies did all of this without their best perimeter defender.  Gasol and Randolph were physical down low, and the Warriors had a hard time guarding them.  Tayshaun Prince hit some huge jump shots down the stretch that helped Memphis to an 88-81 overtime win.

The Grizzlies left Memphis playing pretty poor basketball.  This four game sweep of California is probably the best road trip in franchise history.  The were 3-5 when they arrived in California, and they return home with a record of 7-5.  Memphis became just the third team to sweep California on one trip since 1985.  The Grizzlies were lost when they left Memphis, and it appears they have found their identity.  Memphis returned to inside out offensive basketball, and a grind-it-out physical defensive style.  Maybe the Grizzlies had to escape all of the negative talk about them in Memphis in order to get back on track.  Let’s all hope that the Grizz can sustain their recent success, and avoid long slides like the one they had to start the season.


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