NBA FanDuel 12/11/2014

There are only two games tonight so our lineup options are limited. The good thing about only two games on Thursdays is that both games are on TNT so you can watch all of your players without having NBA League Pass. My steal of the day today is Reggie Evans for $4,800. He is starting for Boogie Cousins, and he is an animal on the boards. My other steal of the day is Pat Beverley for $5,300. He is still cheap because he is coming back from an injury, but his first two games back have been excellent. With him that cheap, and not many other options because of the lack of games tonight, he is a must-start.

Here is my lineup for tonight’s 50/50 League:
PG1: Russell Westbrook
PG2: Pat Beverley
SG1: James Harden
SG2: Ben McLemore
SF1: Rudy Gay
SF2: Trevor Ariza
PF1: Donatas Montiejunas
PF2: Reggie Evans
C: Anderson Varejao


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