The Committee Shafted Baylor and TCU

At the start of play last weekend TCU was number 3 and Baylor was number six. By early Sunday afternoon both teams were eliminated from playoff contention. There are a few things that should be addressed by the committee. How was Baylor out of the top 4 when TCU was number three after losing to Baylor in their head-to-head match-up? How does TCU fall from number 3 to number 6 in one day after winning 55-3? How did Ohio State get in over both Big 12 teams?
The first question that I don’t understand is how in the world TCU was 3 spots ahead of Baylor going into the weekend. They both had one loss, but TCU’s loss was to Baylor! They played almost an identical schedule except TCU played Minnesota. Was the committee saying that TCU’s win against the Gophers was more impressive than Baylor’s win against TCU? Would this not have to mean that TCU should not have been considered a top 4 team? The committee kept saying they were looking at the whole body of work, not just one game. I agree the body of work is important, but if the records are the same and the schedule was almost identical, shouldn’t their head-to-head game be the deciding factor? Baylor ended up one spot ahead of TCU in the final rankings, but it really doesn’t matter because neither one of them made the playoff.
The next question for the selection committee is how TCU started the day at number 3 and fell to number 6 after WINNING 55-3. The second-to-last poll was released last Tuesday, and TCU jumped Florida State to snag the number 3 spot. This seemed to mean that TCU was going to make the playoff with a win. This looked like extra padding, and everyone in Fort Worth breathed a sigh of relief. So Saturday rolls around and TCU rolls a Big 12 opponent, and Trevone Boykin had a career day. It looked like Gary Patterson had finally broken through now that the BCS is over. Everyone was shocked when they fell all the way to number 6 Sunday morning. How does this happen? Why were they moved from 4th to 3rd if they were going to get jumped by Florida State so easily? Ohio State and Baylor also jumped them. I think Baylor should’ve been ahead of them all along, but Ohio State had no business jumping them.
Why did Ohio State get in ahead of both Big 12 teams? The selection committee took the easy way out here. They did not want to explain how Baylor could get in over TCU when they’ve put TCU ahead of Baylor all year. The option with the least amount of embarrassment and admitting they were wrong was to put Ohio State in. Baylor should be the fourth team in. Baylor went 11-1 overall, and they had to play a Big 12 schedule. More importantly, Baylor beat TCU. The committee was high on TCU all year and did not want to admit they were wrong. Ohio State played a Big 10 schedule, and lost at home to a 6 win Virginia Tech team with a freshman quarterback. The fact that Ohio State vs Alabama would be the most watched game ever combined with the fact that they did not want to admit their mistake, lead to Baylor getting screwed, Ohio State making the playoff, and TCU falling from 3 to 6 after winning 55-3.


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