FanDuel Lineup 12/17/14

There are too many games games tonight for me to play a regular FanDuel 50/50.  You never know what could happen when there are that many games going on.  It is a little safer to go with a late night 50/50 tonight because there are only three late games.  Some people like having more options that come with a bunch of games, but I personally like using the fewest amount of games possible.  My steal of the night is Pat Beverley for $5600.  I still think Beverley is a great value play, and I think his price will begin to rise soon.  He is worth the $5600 if he can get 20-22 points tonight.  I also like Khris Middleton as a value play.  His minutes should go up because of the Jabari Parker knee injury.  Here is my full lineup for tonight.

PG1: Damian Lillard

PG2: Pat Beverley

SG1: James Harden

SG2: Jamal Crawford

SF1: Trevor Ariza

SF:2 Khris Middleton

PF1: LaMarcus Aldridge

PF2: Darrell Arthur

C:     Zaza Pachulia


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