NFL Odds Week 16

Week 16 kicks off tonight with the much-anticipated Titans vs Jags game.  It is a shame that this suck bowl is the Thursday Night game this week.  I feel bad for Jim Nantz and Phil Simms for having to call this game.  I can’t think of a worse game that they possible could have picked to put in primetime.  I’m glad I can just watch the NBA tonight instead.  All of that being said, let’s jump right in with the lines this week.

Philadelphia -7 at Washington:

The Redskins have been so bad.  RG3 has not worked out.  Kirk Cousins has not worked out, and now Colt McCoy is out for the season.  The Eagles up-tempo offense is fun to watch, and the Redskins have no shot at stopping it.  FedEx Field will not be close to sold out so Washington will not have a home field advantage.  The Eagles should run all over the Skins.  Expect Shady McCoy to have a big day.

Green Bay -10 at Tampa Bay:

Aaron Rodgers had a bad week last week, and I expect him to go off on the Bucs this week.  Rodgers is arguably the best QB in the NFL and the Tampa D should not be able to stop him.  I think Green Bay will when the NFC, and will get back on track this weekend.

Denver -3 at Cincinnati:

I realize I have picked all road teams, but I do not think it matters.   Peyton could carve up the Bengals defense no matter where they play.  The Bengals are coming off a huge blowout win over the Browns, but that was probably more of Johnny Football playing bad than the Bengals playing great.  Obviously the Bengals deserve some credit, but Johnny’s receivers did not help him out much last week.  Manning, Thomas, and Thomas will beat Dalton and Green by at least a touchdown.


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