FanDuel Lineup 12/22/14

There aren’t a ton of games tonight so I am entering a lineup in a STANDARD 50/50 instead of a late night game.  My steal of the day is Jon Leuer.  He is probably starting tonight for Zach Randolph so he should be on the floor a lot tonight.  His production off the bench lately has been big for Memphis and for fantasy owners.  Don’t expect 40 points from him, but he could easily get 20.  With his price being only $3600, I would be happy with anything over 17, and I expect at least 15 from him tonight.  He can score in the paint and he can also knock down the three ball.  I also like Marc Gasol tonight because if Zbo is out, most of the offense will be run through Gasol and Conley.  Marc should get a bunch of rebounds against Utah.  I also like Dennis Schroder and Nikola Mirotic as value plays tonight.  Jeff Teague might be out again tonight so Schroder could see big minutes.  Even if Teague plays, Schroder wil still see the floor and produce off the bench.  Mirotic can score the basketball.  He is a cheap PF that can score from beyond the arc.  The quality value players tonight is allowing us to have more stars than usual.  Normally it is about impossible to get Harden, Butler, Conley, and Gasol on the same team.  Here is the rest of my lineup:

PG1: Mike Conley

PG2: Dennis Schroder

SG1: James Harden

SG2: Jimmy Butler

SF1: Harrison Barnes

SF2: James Johnson

PF1: Nikola Mirotic

PF2: Jon Leuer

C: Marc Gasol


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