Draft Kings Lineup 2/4/2015

It has been a while since I have posted a DFS lineup.  I have been experimenting with different websites and strategies over the last month, and I think I have found a decent strategy that should win most of the time.  Obviously I am still going to lose some nights, but the key is to minimize those nights.  I have decided to switch from FanDuel to Draft Kings because of the flexibility.  New users can play beginner leagues instead of having to jump right in playing against the sharks.  The construction of your lineup is a little different on DK.  Instead of having 2 of every position and 1 center, DK gives you 1 pg, sg, sf, pf,and c plus 1 guard flex, 1 forward flex, and a utility spot.  This gives you more options to construct the optimal lineup.  This is really helpful when there are only a few games that night.  I have also learned in my experiment that it is almost impossible to have a final lineup before 6pm eastern time.  If the lineup locks at 7pm eastern, your final lineup shouldn’t be complete until at least 6 if you have done it right.  There always seems to be a last second injury that will screw up your whole lineup if you’re not paying attention.  Around 6 eastern is when most injury reports are finalized, and you are all set to put the finishing touches on your lineup.  I plan on making my lineup available by mid afternoon most days.  I will post all changes due to injuries, or anything else, in the comment section below.  Don’t forget to check the comment section right before the lineups lock!  I don’t want you to lose because you didn’t see a change I made to my final lineup.  Now that we have gotten all of that out of the way let’s jump into today’s lineup.

Tonight is kinda a weird night because there is only 1 true late game.  Memphis at Utah is at 9ET, but the only Pacific time game is Dallas at Golden State.  There is a potential for a lot points in that game, but you shouldn’t feel helpless if you don’t have anyone in that game.  There are plenty of solid options tonight without splurging on a bunch of stars and praying that your $3,000 bench warmers don’t get the dreaded DNPCD.  You have to start D.J. Agustin tonight.  He has shined since taking over the starting point guard role from the injured Brandon Jennings.  Look for Augustine to keep up his good work against Indiana tonight.  Hassan Whiteside has gone from a no-name to a must-start in just one month.  Minnesota may not look like a good match-up for the young Whiteside, but remember Nikola Petkovic is returning from injury and is not quite himself yet.  Whiteside can put up 50 or 60 fantasy points on any given night so he is a must start tonight.  My value play tonight is more like a super value play.  Marcus Smart is only $3,700 on DK, and he just took over a starting role.  Smart had a big game in his last game, which was his first start, and all signs point to him staying in the lineup and playing huge minutes.  My only big star tonight is Pau Gasol.  Pau is having the best season of his career.  He is putting up monster numbers and should go off tonight.  Dwight Howard is out so Houston’s front line is really thin.  This gives Pau Gasol a favorable match-up tonight.  Here is my whole lineup:

PG: D.J. Agustin

SG: Giannis Antetokoumpo

SF: Luol Deng

PF: Pau Gasol

C: Hassan Whiteside

G: Jarrett Jack

F: Donatas Motiejunas

Utility: Marcus Smart



One thought on “Draft Kings Lineup 2/4/2015

  1. I decided to put in Khris Middleton for Luol Deng because the potential upside is higher with Middleton than Deng with all of the Buck’s injuries. I also decided to put in John Henson instead of Donatas Motiejunas. Montiejunas has to go up against Pau Gasol, and the money I saved with Henson allowed me to upgrade from Deng to Middleton

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