The SEC is Still Dominating

Many people were quick to announce the fall of the SEC after this past bowl season.  Based on the performance of the SEC West, and the Alabama loss to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl, it would have been easy to assume those people were correct.  But then it was signing day.  The SEC did not disappoint on the unofficial holiday in the south known as National Signing Day.  The exact opposite happened; the SEC dominated every other conference in America.  Everyone expected Alabama to be at the top, but guess what other SEC team was in the top 5.  That’s right, Tennessee.  Butch Jones and the Vols had the 5th best recruiting class of 2015 according to at 4pm central time.  Alabama and Tennessee were not the only SEC teams that stood out on National Signing Day; Auburn, Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M are also in the top 10 at 4pm central.  It is important to note that Urban Meyer and his national champion Ohio State Buckeyes have the number nine class right now.  That is just good enough to be behind 5 SEC teams.  This is how the teams in the SEC stand right now in the 2015 class rankings:

2: Alabama

5: Tennessee

6: Auburn

7: Georgia

8: LSU

10: Texas A&M

16: Mississippi State

18: South Carolina

21: Ole Miss

23: Florida

25: Arkansas

27: Missouri

35: Kentucky

47: Vanderbilt

All 14 SEC teams have a top 50 class.  Even Vanderbilt managed to snag the number 47 class.  Obviously good recruiting classes do not guarantee success on the field, but they definitely do not hurt.  Maybe this will slow down the claims that the SEC is collapsing, or maybe the Big 10 will just chalk this up to SEC bias.  The only thing we know for sure is that fans are irrational, but isn’t that part of what makes college football so great?


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