Draft Kings Lineup 2/5/15

Last night there were plenty of options, but with only four games tonight the options are a little more limited.  There is still plenty of star power to make a solid lineup tonight though.  Thursdays are always unpredictable because everybody’s lineups are fairly similar which means it almost always comes down to the wire.  My big star tonight is LaMarcus Aldridge.  It was hard to pick between him and Blake Griffin, but I decided to go with LMA because of his consistency.  Blake Griffin has a very favorable match-up against the Cavs tonight, but Aldridge has been outplaying him lately.  I certainly would understand if you would rather go with Blake tonight.  In fact, there is a decent chance that i’ll change my mind before lineups lock so be sure to check the comment section below for roster updates.   My second highest paid player tonight is Rudy Gay.  Gay’s production has slipped a little from what it was at the start of the year, but he is still having one of the better years of his career.  Over the last 10 days he is averaging 34.4 fantasy points per game, and I expect him to have a big night against Dallas who had to play the Warriors last night.

My mid-level guys tonight are Tyson Chandler, Bradley Beal, Wesley Matthews, and Markieff Morris.  You should get Tyson Chandler cheap while you still can because he price is probably about to rise.  Over the last 10 days he is averaging 32.8 fantasy points, including a 48 point performance last night.  I know he is coming off a back to back with Golden State but I think he should be fine tonight.  I like Markieff Morris at just $6,000 tonight because he gets rebounds, but he also can hit jumpers.  Wesley Matthews and Bradley Beal can both heat up quick, and have the potential for monster games.  They can both hit the 3 ball which is a big plus in Draft Kings.

I have two cheap players tonight, and one is an absolute steal.  I have Isaiah Thomas as my flex guard because he can catch fire at any time.  I know he comes off the bench, but it doesn’t matter when you can score the way he does.  He lit up the Grizzlies in the 4th quarter last time out, and hopefully his confidence will be high and lead him to another big game tonight.  My steal of the night is J.J. Barea.  Barea should get the start with Rondo out, and he should play huge minutes.  With just a $3,400 price tag, he doesn’t have to do too much to be worth his price.  Good luck tonight, and DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE COMMENT BOX BELOW FOR ANY ROSTER CHANGES BEFORE THE LINEUPS LOCK!

PG: J.J. Barea

SG: Bradley Beal

SF: Rudy Gay

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge

C: Tyson Chandler

G: Wesley Matthews

F: Markieff Morris

UTIL: Isaiah Thomas


One thought on “Draft Kings Lineup 2/5/15

  1. I have made a few adjustments to the roster. I took out Bradley Beal, Rudy Gay, and Wesley Matthews. I replaced them with Jamal Crawford, LeBron, and Devin Harris. I really wanted to find a way to get LeBron in my lineup without having to give up Aldridge or Chandler. I had to ditch Matthews and Beal, but Crawford is starting for J.J. Reddick so he might be a better play than Bradley Beal anyway. I think the LeBron/Crawford combo will get more points than the Gay/Beal combo. I don’t want to give up Matthews, but it would mean I would have to settle for Mozgov instead of Tyson Chandler. As of right now i’m sticking with LaMarcus Aldridge over Blake Griffin, but check back before lineups lock because I could definitely change my mind.

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