NBA DraftKings Lineup 2/11/15

Tonight is the last night for most teams in the NBA before the All-Star break begins this weekend.  There are a ton of games tonight, and plenty of different options for a daily fantasy lineup.  There are a couple of really cheap guys that will get plenty of playing that will free-up some extra money for the stars tonight.  Here are my big-money guys tonight.  My most expensive player on the roster tonight is Chris Paul.  Paul will play a huge role in the Clippers offense tonight since Blake Griffin is out.  CP3 has stepped up recently, and is a must-start tonight.  My second expensive guy tonight is Damian Lillard at $8,700.  Lillard should have a monster game against the Lakers tonight, who are absolutely terrible at defending the point guard position.  My last high-end player is DeAndre Jordan.  D.J is going to have to step up by getting extra rebounds and score a little more with Blake Griffin being out.  He showed he is up to the task in his last game against Dallas.  He had an insane 22 points and 27 rebound game.  Don’t expect 27 boards tonight, but you can expect him to come up big in the last game before the break.

I only have two mid-level guys tonight because I have 3 stars and a few more value-plays than normal.  My first mid-level player is Jared Sullinger.  Sullinger is averaging 31 fantasy points per game this season, and his numbers have been even better than that recently.  Sullinger is one of Boston’s only real threats on a nightly basis and at only $6,700 he is hard to pass up.  My other mid-level guy tonight is Andrew Wiggins at $6,200.  He has been showing us why he was the number 1 overall pick in the draft.  He is a huge bright spot for the Wolves, and provides hope for a franchise that desperately needs it.  I am considering going with Kevin Martin or Enes Kanter tonight, but as of right now i’m planning on sticking with Andrew Wiggins.

Injuries are a huge benefit for daily fantasy players, and if you know what backups to get because of injuries you can have a huge advantage over your opponents.  Tonight there are value-plays that are just too good for me to pass up.  The first one is Shabazz Muhammad.  Muhammad just returned from an injury that kept him out for a month, but he didn’t miss a beat in his first game back against Atlanta.  This guy proved his fantasy value earlier this year before his injury, and now is the time to get him for dirt cheap.  You almost have to take him at $3,400.  My next value-play is Rasual Butler.  Butler got hot in December, but has been fairly quiet since then.  Bradley Beal is out with a stress fracture so Butler should get a huge minutes increase tonight and maybe even start.  Butler won’t put up 50 points, but he should easily be worth his $3,800 price tag tonight.  My last value-play was somebody most people didn’t even know was in the NBA until Sunday.  Mitch McGary stepped up big in his last two games for the Thunder.  He was a huge part of Michigan’s Final Four team two years ago, but missed almost all of last season due to injury.  McGary has to go up against the Grizzlies tonight but he should get plenty of minutes to be worth his $3,800 price.  AS ALWAYS DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THE COMMENT BOX FOR ANY LINEUP CHANGES!

PG: Damian Lillard

SG: Rasual Butler

SF: Shabazz Muhammed

PF: Jared Sullinger

C: DeAndre Jordan

G: Chris Paul

F: Mitch McGary

UTIL: Andrew Wiggins (seriously considering Enes Kanter and Kevin Martin)


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