Winners of the First Round

     I have two big winners of the first round. The Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves have had big nights so far tonight.  The NBA Draft is full of busts, but there are always a few contributors that turn into very valuable pieces for their franchise.  It’s almost impossible to pick who will be an all star and who won’t get a second contract, but that’s what makes the draft interesting.  The number 10 pick could very easily turn out to be a much better player than the number 2 pick. If you don’t believe me just ask the Memphis Grizzlies about the time they picked Hasheem Thabeet at number two while letting The reigning MVP and NBA champion Steph Curry fall to number 7.  Now let’s get to my two winners of the first round.
1: Minnesota Timberwolves
     You might think the team with the first pick is an automatic winner, but honestly I’m not completely sold on Karl Townes as the top pick.  He may very well become an all star, but I think D’Angelo Russell’s ceiling is higher than Town’s.  I like this pick though becuase it is about as safe of a pick as you could ask for.  He is not going to be asked to do too much becuase of the pieces the Wolves already have.  Obviously the Wolves aren’t full of all stars or they wouldn’t even have the first pick, but they do have a roster full of young talent.  I really love the other player acquired by Minnesota in the first round, Tyus Jones.  Somehow Jones fell all the way to 24 where the Cavs drafted him and sent him to Minnesota.  I truly believe Jones will still be a consistent player in the league 10 years from now.  He won’t be the MVP, but you can’t expect to get an MVP caliber player with the 24th pick.  It’s just not going to happen.  The draft isn’t over yet, but in my opinion Minnesota won the first round by locking up young talent to build their future on.
2: Miami Heat
    The Heat only had 1 pick in the first round, but they got the steal of the draft in my opinion.  Going into the draft Justice Winslow was expected to be a top 6 pick, and maybe even a top 5 pick.  Somehow he slid all the way down to Miami at number 10.  I really don’t understand this.  Winslow has a high ceiling and a really shallow floor.  He was a huge part of the championship season Duke just had.  He is a great guy to come help fill the gap if Luol Deng does end up leaving Miami.  Winslow is being put in an environment that will help him succeed playing with Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic, and maybe Dwayne Wade.  Winslow could be an all star in the future, and he gives Heat fans a reason to be excited about the future.


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